Quality and Food Security Policy

LÍPIDOS TOLEDO, S.A. Management  in its desire to guarantee service and give their customers products of high quality and safety food  in its activities of:

 "Design, additives production, premixes, feed, and marketing"

  • It has established this Product Quality and Food Safety Policy, supported by its Strategic Management and in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standards Guidelines, which is based on the following Principles / commitments:
  • Commitment to comply with all regulatory requirements of  Quality and Food Safety Management System (SG).
  • Commitment to carry out our activities within a management environment that guarantees the innocuousness of the incoming and finished product and continuous improvement in our processes, in our methods of action and in our relationships with interested parties.
  • Commitment to efficiently control all processes and their possible effects on the quality and food safety for our products, with emphasis on: Quality and food Safety of the incoming and finished product
  • Compliance with HACCP Relationship with clients.
  • Compliance with deadlines.
  • Risks consideration and opportunities that could affect to our products compliance and our processes.
  • Processes development optimization.
  • Carry out the necessary actions to prevent fraud or adulteration in our products.
  • Commitment to transmit  Quality and Food Safety Policy for its knowledge, understanding and application to our staff.
  • Ensure a rigorous control in suppliers homologation that warrant the acquisition of safe products of the highest quality.
  • Executive Management and rest of the Organization will promote the involvement and awareness of the personnel through the continuous training of our workers, in order that the personnel assume the principle of "Quality and Food Safety is Everyone’s issue".

This Policy is considered appropriate for the purpose of our process and our scope and provides a framework for the establishment of quality objectives focused on quality, food safety, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

In Madrid, May 30, 2018

Antonio Martin Sachez

LÍPIDOS TOLEDO, S.A. General Manager


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